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Merlin White paper - VTT project pages server


Academic year: 2023

Jaa "Merlin White paper - VTT project pages server"



An interaction between group members is asynchronous if it does not require the participating group members to participate at the same time. http://www.intranetjournal.com/glossary/). Direct communication consists of the obvious, commonly used forms of communication such as telephone, e-mail, etc. This power allows the holder of an intellectual property right to restrict imitation and copying of the product in question.

34;A label for companies that manufacture equipment that is then marketed and sold to other companies under their name." (http://www.ocmtech.com/resources/glossary.cfm) Original software. Interaction between group members is synchronous , if it requires participating group members to work simultaneously.http://www.intranetjournal.com/glossary/).



Taxonomy of GENERAL collaboration tools

  • Collaborative Content Management Systems (LMS, LCMS)
  • Tacit Knowledge and Intellectual Capital Management
  • Real time collaboration tools (RTC) (audio/video/data conferencing)
  • Virtual Team Tools (DPM, virtual team and process-oriented tools)
  • Collaborative CRM (customer resource management) (cCRM)
  • Portals and On-line Communities
  • Unified and wireless messaging infrastructures for collaboration
  • Other tools

URL: http://www.documentum.com Tools: iManage. iManage WorkSite is an integrated application suite that combines document management, collaboration, portal access, knowledge management, workflow and business process automation into a single solution on a scalable and secure Internet platform.


Structure of the tool-tables

Project Management tools

  • Description and challenges for collaboration
  • Requirements for PM tools in collaborative development
  • Artemis Views
  • Active! Focus
  • Enact Enterprise System
  • Microsoft Project 2003
  • Projistics

A collaborative project and resource management environment provides role-based access to project data through a simple web browser. Products in the Project 2003 family include Microsoft Office Project Standard 2003, Microsoft Office Project Professional 2003, Microsoft Office Project Server 2003, and Microsoft Office Project Web Access. The Microsoft Office Enterprise Project Management (EPM) solution combines Project Server 2003, Project Professional 2003 and Project Web Access into an enterprise solution for organizations, departments and teams.

Project Professional 2003, Project Server 2003, and Project Web Access are designed to work together to form the EPM solution. Project Professional 2003 is the desktop enterprise project management program used with Project Server 2003 and Project Web Access to form the EPM solution. Project Professional 2003 offers all the core project management tools found in Project Standard 2003, but also works with Project Server 2003 and Project Web Access to provide portfolio management and modeling, skills-based resource allocation, and project collaboration.

Project Server 2003 is the platform that supports portfolio management, resource management and collaboration capabilities in the EPM solution. Users can connect to Project Server 2003 using Project Professional 2003 (desktop application) or Project Web Access (web portal) to store, retrieve, and interact with Project Server data. Users can also use Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 to download their tasks from Project Server 2003 and view and report progress on their project tasks from Outlook.

Project Web Access is the web portal that allows you to connect to the project and resource information stored in Project Server and collaborate on projects. Team members, executives, and resource managers (in other words, anyone who needs access to Project Server 2003 information but doesn't need the scheduling capabilities of Project Professional) can use Project Web Access through a Web browser to view, update, and analyze information . Rather, it is powered by Project Server 2003 and acts as a web portal in the EPM solution.

Requirements management tools

  • Description and challenges for collaboration
  • Requirements for RM tools in collaborative development
  • CaliberRM
  • CARE 3.2
  • Catalytze Suite
  • EasyRM Requirement Management Suite
  • PACE
  • Prosareq
  • Rational RequisitePro
  • RDT
  • Release Planner
  • RMTrak
  • Serena RTM
  • SpeeDEV RM
  • Telelogic DOORS
  • XTie - RT

Requirements engineering and information management have been an essential part of the technical development process for years and are critical to delivering a compliant product on time and within budget. CaliberRM keeps team members informed of changes in requirements by automatically notifying responsible individuals of the changes. One of the key themes of Catalyze is that structured requirements deliver tightly trackable structured results for different audiences.

The core idea behind the EasyRM Suite is that each component should do just one thing, but do it as well as possible. Editing requirements descriptions, their classification and defining relationships between requirements and other parts of the requirements model, i.e. project glossary terms and project source documents using Easy RM Requirement Manager. Generate reports on a specific part of the current database and export to a specific format with Easy RM Report Generators.

PACE is not only a document management system, but it extends the ability of a group or company to work simultaneously on different parts of the same or different documents. Prosareq offers automatic versioning of requests, allowing you to study the entire path from the original request to the current version. Once the global version of the document becomes writable, they can integrate their changes.

It is able to use any of the default reports, including Orphan, No Child, Undistributed, Suspect Summary, Closure and Claims, and Change Reports, or has " RBC Product Development" to develop a custom report format that fits your organization. Working against a subset of the DOORS database off-line, remote users can incorporate their updates back into the main database - making it easy to join other organizations to communicate with subcontractors and suppliers. The Change Requirements Proposal process provides a role-based view of the requirements component of the overall change process, managed by Telelogic's SYNERGY Change change management solution.

Product Data Management and Configuration Management tools

  • Description and challenges for collaboration
  • Requirements for PDM/CM tools in collaborative development
  • Aton
  • ClearCase
  • CVS
  • Dimensions
  • Matrix10
  • SourceSafe
  • StarTeam
  • Synergy
  • Windchill

According to CIMData (world-class PDM consultancy), PLM is a group of systems and methods that enable the development, production and management of products at all stages of the product life cycle.”. PLM does not refer to an individual computer software or method, but is a collection of systems and methods that enable the development, production and management of products at all stages of the product life cycle. Using these solutions, data generated during the processes can be produced, managed and used, from R&D to After Sales.

Based on its modular structure, the functionality of the selected Aton product can be expanded to meet individual company needs. This enables the development of an effective service platform from which service entities can be composed to be sold to different customers. Data may be transferred from suppliers' systems to the Aton database or referenced by hyperlink.

Optimization of spare parts logistics: it is possible to control which machines or systems have been delivered to different maintenance areas, thus optimizing regional spare parts stocks. Replacement parts may be coded specifically by product brand, making it difficult to use pirated replacement parts. Embedded product data: Information related to the management of the supplied serial number can be transferred with the product by storing Aton PLM access rights codes in various identification devices (RFID, USB/HASP).

Publisher: The Publisher module of the Aton product family provides the maintenance organization with up-to-date product documentation and electronic spare parts catalogs. It's simple enough to use right out of the box and is integrated with the development environment in which developers are already working. SYNERGY – Microsoft Project integration enables effective and proactive project management with greater transparency of project activity and more accurate project schedules. /Online: .. education, evaluation licenses) can be found at http://www.telelogic.com/contact/how/buy_try.cfm URL: http://www.telelogic.com.

Testing tools

  • Description and challenges for collaboration
  • Requirements for Testing in collaborative development
  • ApTest Manager
  • ProblemTracker Enterprise Edition
  • TestTrack Pro
  • TETware

Since errors can be detected with the help of tools and information can be sent to the appropriate party. When parties can check the current status of the testing, they can be up to date. Collaborative testing tools should have such an architecture that the third-party tool can be integrated into it.

It is important that the collaborative testing tool can be easily used on different platforms and hardware. A single installation of ApTest Manager can be used enterprise-wide, supporting the number of tests for the number of products. Reports can be generated at any time showing the results of testing, both individually and in comparison to other test runs on different product configurations or versions.

Test specifications can be produced as well as management reports showing planned versus actual schedules, test runs performed by date, test area and tester, etc. Tests can be grouped in a number of user-defined ways - Execution of selected groups of tests. ProblemTracker can be used by all team members to coordinate their work and to ensure that reported bugs and improvement requests are not forgotten.

ProblemTracker can be used by all team members to coordinate their work and ensure that issues are resolved in a timely manner. All TestTrack Pro features can be accessed through a web browser on almost any operating system or through our Windows client. TETware is a Test Management tool that provides an easy-to-use, unified multi-platform testing framework into which local, remote and distributed test suites can be incorporated.

Non-categorized tools

  • Collabnet Enterprise Edition
  • Cradle
  • Eclipse
  • Focal Point Platform
  • MKS Integrity Suite
  • think project!

This framework can be tailored to projects, combining desktop tools such as Word and Excel with specialized engineering and project management tools and a corporate PDM/EDM solution into a seamlessly managed whole that can be distributed site-wide, enterprise-wide or project. - wide use of online and offline technologies. It can be used to create, for example, embedded Java programs, C++ programs, and Enterprise JavaBeans. Except for a small core known as the Platform Runtime, all the functionality of the Eclipse Platform resides in plugins.

As mentioned before, the Eclipse Platform offers the possibility to extend its functionality by means of plugins. The total amount of plugins is large and they provide a lot of functionality for collaborative software development. For example, with one of the plugins it is possible to edit a source code file from different places simultaneously.

In addition, there are also some plugins that allow third-party tools to be integrated into the Eclipse platform. As you can see, the Eclipse platform offers a lot of potential features and plugins for collaborative software development. MKS Integrity Manager is the enterprise choice for process and workflow management that helps create repeatable processes for managing software development.

It connects to MKS Source Integrity Enterprise for end-to-end enterprise software configuration management, is the foundation for MKS Requirements for requirements management, and integrates other developer productivity tools to drive software investment and improve lifecycle coverage of software development. Adaptable document formats and collaborative filters can be managed at a company or project administration level and can be designed and customized according to business requirements. The communication concept is linked to all other components within the software so that, for example, document numbers can be filtered by selecting relevant message information.


A Collaborative Project Management Architecture", In Proceedings of the 36th Annual Hawaii International Conference, 6-9 Jan.



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