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In document PROJECT PROGRESS REPORTS 4/2004 (sivua 47-52)

2 Models of the impacting objects and the reaction wall

SAFIR 31.1.2005 SAFIR 31.1.2005 PROGRESS REPORT 4/04

Influence of RoHS -directive to reliability of electronics, Prestudy, ROVEL RoHS -direktiivin vaikutus elektroniikan luotettavuuteen, esitutkimus, ROVEL

Duration 1.1.2004 – 31.12.2004

Project manager Hannu Hossi, Group Manager, VTT, Tel. +358 9 456 4768 Volume 2004 (person-years) Plan: 0,114 Realised 31.12.04: 0,116 Cost in 2004 (k€) Plan: 20,0 Realised 31.12.04: 20,0 (100%) 1 person year = 10.5 person months.

Main objectives

The target of this prestudy is to study the necessary changes in electronics due to the so called RoHS - directive (DIRECTIVE 2002/95/EC OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL, of 27 January 2003, on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment).

Objectives in 2004 Realised 1. Definition of the contents

The objectives, contents and schedule will be defined in detail.

The task has been completed Task completion 100%, 0,1 months.

2. Modifications in electronics due to EU RoHS -directive The changes due to the directive will

be studied by collecting information from Finnish and international research projects.

The information has been collected and the changes have been informed to the Reference group

Participation in international conferences, the Scandinavian NoNE (No Lead in Nordic

Electronics) project final conference 15.6.2004 in Copenhagen and IPC/JEDEC 2004 International Conference on Lead-Free Electronic Assemplies and Components 20- 22.10.2004 in Frankfurt.

Information will be collected also from New exploratory Technology (NEXT)-conference 25-26.10.2004 in Salo .

Participation in the Scandinavian NoNE project final conference 15.6.2004 in Copenhagen.

Participation in the IPC/JEDEC 7th International Conference on Lead Free Electronic Components and Assemblies, 20.- 22.10.2004, Frankfurt, Germany.

Participation in the New exploratory Technology (NEXT)-conference 25-26.10.2004 in Salo.

Task completion 100%, 0,5 months.

3. Participation in IEC TC45 standardisation work The development of the new IEC-

standard, IEC 62342: Nuclear power plants - Management of aging of nuclear power plant instrumentation and control and associated

equipment (45A/441/NP), will be continued. The work will be done in the IEC TC45 working group WG A10, Instrumentation systems.

The working group WG A10 has after it’s November meeting in Montréal produced a committee draft of the standard whic has been circulated on the 3rd of September 2004 (45A/541/CD, closing date 3 December 2004). As a continuation to this work, component specific parts shall also be created. Potential new work items have been

proposed for example for cables, sensors, relays, electronics as well as for digital and programmable I&C in nuclear power plant. The working group is looking for project leaders to start the work.

The development of the new IEC-standard, IEC 62342 Nuclear power plants - Management of aging of nuclear power plant instrumentation and control and associated equipment, was finished in to a committee draft IEC 62342 Ed.1: Nuclear Power Plants - I&C systems important to safety - Management of aging, 1 September 2004, Committee Draft (45A/541/CD).

Workshop on Wire System Aging Assessment and Condition Monitoring, Zurtach (CH), 28- 29.10.2004

Participation in workshop on Wire System Aging

Assessment and Condition Monitoring, Zurtach (CH), 28- 29.10.2004.

Task completion 100%, 0,5 months.

4. Reporting of results Results of the prestudy will be reported and a proposal will be made about possible necessary additional studies.

VTT Research report: RoHS -direktiivin vaikutus elektroniikan luotettavuuteen (in finnish).

Task completion 100%, 0,1 months.

Education of experts

SAFIR 31.1.2005 PROGRESS REPORT 4/04 Organisational culture and management of change (CulMa)

Organisaatiokulttuuri ja muutoksen hallinta ydinvoimalaitoksissa

Duration 2003 – 2006

Project manager Mr. Teemu Reiman, VTT Industrial Systems

Volume in 2004 (person y.) Plan: 1.6 person-years Realised 31.1.2005 1.6 Cost in 2004 (k€) Plan: 210 Realised 31.1.2005 210 Main Objectives

The aim of the project is to enhance the understanding of the effects of organisational culture and different ways of organising work on the safety of nuclear power production. Goal is to develop methods and models with which to take into account the culture of the organisation in e.g. change situations in such a manner that all the criteria for an effective organisation (safety, productivity and health) are adequately considered.

Objectives in 2004 Realised

1. Organising for safety and efficiency in the nuclear power industry (4,5 person-months) - A comparative study of

organisational changes implemented during the last decade at selected nuclear power plants. The drivers, objectives, content, methods of implementation and key results of major organisational changes will be identified at each plant.

- A conference paper or journal article summarising the key results of the work carried out in 2003.


Task has been completed. Case Loviisa has been completed, case TVO has been cancelled.

Funding released from TVO case has been used for expanding the NKS case study (Task 4) and for scientific publishing of the challenges of safety management in Finland and Sweden (Task 2).

Confidential report on the Loviisa case has been written.

Public results of the case study will be reported in the NKS intermediate report (see Task 4)

Conference paper has been presented and published in the proceedings of the 9th International Symposium on Logistics in July 2004.

Task completion: 100 %

2 Assessment of Organisational Culture (4,5 person-months) - Participation at the PSAM 7 /

ESREL '04 conference to be held in Berlin, June 2004

- analysis of core task conceptions in the maintenance units of three NPPs - Scientific article on the topic of core task conceptions in maintenance - Participation in the NKS/Safety Management network (writing of draft articles for the meetings) - finalising of three articles of which a draft version was written in 2003 (VTT, VYR)

Two conference articles have been published:

Reiman, T., Oedewald, P. & Rollenhagen, C. (2004). Comparison of organisational cultures at two NPP maintenance units. When is maintenance work motivating and meaningful? PSAM7 – ESREL '04 Conference in Berlin 14 – 18 June 2004.

Kettunen, J., Jones, B. & Reiman, T. (2004). Assessing Challenges to Nuclear Power Plant Management in Five European Countries:

Methods, Results and Lessons Learned. PSAM7 – ESREL '04 Conference in Berlin 14 – 18 June 2004.

One scientific article has been published

Reiman, T. & Oedewald, P. (2004). Measuring maintenance culture and maintenance core task with CULTURE-questionnaire – a case study in the power industry. Safety Science 42 (9), 859-889.

One scientific article is in press

Reiman, T., Oedewald, P. & Rollenhagen, C. (In press).

Characteristics of organizational culture at the maintenance units of two Nordic nuclear power plants. Reliability Engineering and System Safety.

Two articles have been written for the SAFIR interim


Two articles have been written for a possible publication in a Nordic joint book on safety management.

One other article has been submitted to a scientific journal.

Two articles are in preparation.

Analysis of the core task conceptions will continue in 2005.

Task completion: 100 %

3 Development of working practices and management of change (5 person-months) 1. Knowledge management in


1.1 Training and socialisation of newcomers in maintenance at TVO:

- measuring the initial expectations, orientation and the level of technical competence of all the newcomers and interviewing their mentors

- follow-up on the newcomers' progress: change in attitudes, change in conceptual understanding, experiences of the training

1.2 Change of maintenance culture at Loviisa NPP:

- analysis of CULTURE-survey conducted in 2001 and 2004

- analysis of the indicators of cultural change

2. Management of change in nuclear power plants

- literature survey of the change initiatives and the methods used in nuclear power industry

3. Reporting

- specific case results and development suggestions will be reported directly to the plants in meetings and larger seminars

- concluding report (in Finnish) on the special characteristics of organisational cultures of safety critical organisations.

Seven newcomers have been interviewed and their initial level of technical competence has been measured. Follow-up interviews have been scheduled for 2005.

Task has been completed.

Task will continue in 2005.

Presentation has been held about the challenges of human resources management in maintenance at

“Kunnossapitopäivät” organised in November 2004 at Helsinki. Article to be published at “Kunnossapitolehti” is in press.

Results of the TVO, FKA and LO maintenance culture benchmark have been presented at Loviisa maintenance unit's monthly briefing (February) with over 100 participants.

Results of the remeasure of Loviisa maintenance culture have been presented to the project group at Loviisa and to the maintenance personnel in a maintenance unit’s monthly briefing (December) with about 90 participants.

The concluding report is under review.


Task completion: 100 %

4 Maintenance Culture and Management of Change (2 person-months) 1. remeasure of Loviisa

maintenance culture with CULTURE-survey

2. analysis of interview material from the perspective of organisational change from the maintenance units of three NPPs and additional interviews if needed

3. exchange of information between the Finnish and Swedish researchers on the subject of organisational change

4. Participation in the NSK/Safety Management Network

5. Reporting


The survey has been conducted. 100 responses were received. Analysis has been done and results presented at Loviisa NPP.

Task has been completed. Additional interviews were conducted within Task 1 at Loviisa NPP.

Task has been completed. Four meetings have been held in 2004 and the first meeting in 2005 has been scheduled.

A two-day workshop has been held 27-28.5 at the Stockholm University. Another two-day workshop was held at Lund in October. Draft articles have been written for possible publication in a collaborative book on Safety Management from a Nordic Perspective.

Intermediate report of the management of change in maintenance is in press.

Scientific article on the results of the maintenance culture assessments at TVO and FKA has been published together with Carl Rollenhagen from Mälardalen University, Sweden.

The article extends the results of 2003 study to the area of change management in maintenance.

Task completion: 100 %


Due to the cancellation of the TVO case study in Task 1, funding was used for scientific publishing and further analysis of the Loviisa case study. Furthermore, the writing of the interim reports was funded by Task 2 (five working days approx.). Consequently, the finalising of the two draft articles was postponed to 2005.

Education of experts

The project personnel include two young persons (YG) and one trainee research scientist.


In document PROJECT PROGRESS REPORTS 4/2004 (sivua 47-52)